The Changing Face of Food Ordering – Are You Ready?
AI-powered conversational interfaces redefine food ordering, take-out and drive-thrus for restaurants and food delivery services.

Voice and chat assistants are starting to radically alter the foodservice industry. For quick service restaurants (QSRs), drive-thrus, and food ordering and delivery services, the beginning-to-end customer experience will never be the same again. With MindMeld, gain a head start on the competition in this new AI-driven era.

Learn how MindMeld for Food Ordering enables you to:

  • Speed up the ordering and pick-up process
  • Cut service and payroll costs
  • Provide a flexible, error-free, personalized customer experience
  • Collect valuable data on what consumers really want, in their own words

Download Solution Brief (pdf)

UPDATE: MAY 26, 2017

On May 26, 2017, MindMeld was acquired by Cisco Systems.  This link will take you to the official press release announcing the acquisition.  Please refer to this FAQ page which provides answers to additional questions you may have regarding the acquisition.

Going forward, MindMeld's plan will be to focus its capabilities on Cisco's specific collaboration domains in order to enable a user experience that will be differentiated from anything that exists in the collaboration space. 

Please note that, as we focus on Cisco's collaboration offerings, our ability to directly support other opportunities may be limited at this point.  Thank you again for your interest.

The MindMeld team